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I would question why you are keeping black and white paper in a fridge?
Does keeping paper in the fridge not help the paper last longer like it does with film? Or is that just one of those rumors going around the internet? Seriously, IDK, but I've read that here and elsewhere, so I've been keeping film and paper in one of those small, college dorm fridges :\

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The chemical treatment of these as negatives must surely be determined by the contrast range of your subject?
You mean using N-minus and N-plus developing like with film? Not quite sure I'm following here. I've read that using diluted paper developer or film developer can help tame the contrast of paper, and that's a technique I'll try as well as any other tips I can find

Also, if I'm using a graded paper, can I use a filter over my lens to control contrast? I've been pondering what color filter, if any, would lower contrast, and it seems that a yellow or red filter 'should' lower contrast by filtering out some of the blue light. But since graded paper is sensative to the blue end of the spectrum, I'm also imagining uber-long exposure times using a yellow or red filter.