I may be available. The family has two plays on the go at the time - one with oldest son appearing, and another with my wife.

I connected with Dave White at Christmas time.

His Mulitiple Sclerosis has flared, as it does periodically, and has him low on energy at the moment.
He commented that there are some days he doesn't feel that he really wakes up until the evening.
Different attempts at varying his medication have not been really successful to date to get him feeling better, and closer to being back to 'normal'.

He had a fun summer volunteering at a historical park run by the HCA, not far from his house, called Westfield.
He dresses up and plays the role of late Victorian era itenarant photographer.
He shoots ancient aerographic blue only sensitive film cut down from a large spool and loaded into holders. It has an effective ISO of about 4.
Then he hand coats silver chloride and makes contact exposed salt prints from the negatives.
There is a building where a number of them are on display.

Westfield It is mostly packed up over the winter, and he is just trying to charge his energy levels up.

I gathered a bunch of photo gear that someone he met a Westfield passed his way after he had high-grades what he needed from the pile, which amounted to a couple of dark rooms worth of gear.

I have booked a table at the PHSC spring camera show (May 27,2012) , and hope to have Dave there as a pal to help staff the table, gab a bit, and also to participate in selling off a bunch of the gear he has had a hand in gathering.

Photographcally he has also been fiddling with super 8 cinematography with black and white film.
He captures on film, processes the film himself, and then telecines it into his Mac, where he edits it a bit, and adds a soundtrack, titles.
I saw a couple of 2-3minute efforts, and they were quite nice. I suggested they were more than fit for youtube, but don't know if he has progressed to that.

He did one super 8 production of the Lancaster bomber from the Canadian Warplane Heritage doing a fly past that looks like it could have been made in the 40's. It was quite nice.

I'm hoping his energy levels come back with the warming spring, and we see more of an active and around Dave this summer.