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You can also use your warm finger during development to bring up some parts faster than others, or (I just learned) use ice to slow other areas.
good ideas. I never would have thought of that

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Apart from all that, the obvious thing is simply to "get over it" and compose knowing what the tonality of the final image will be! Trying to make paper behave like film is going to cause trouble. Why not let paper be paper and enjoy it for its weirdness. You can take a pencil on the back of the paper neg and go to town and do something inventive...
Haha I'm over it. Just trying to decide on the 'best,' 'most productive' way of doing paper negatives. All that's left for me is to actually find some free time. It seems like I have plenty of free time to think about stuff, but when it comes time to do it, I get busy with 10^10 other things. Guess I should just stop thinking and just do it

BTW, I'm all up for enjoying any odd things for their weirdness