Ay, it's been so long ago I don't accurately remember!

I remember being fascinated with the results, and intrigued with my parents' folding cameras which were pretty intricate eye catchers for a kid that liked to understand how things worked. One was a Kodak that took 620 and the other was some little cheap off-brand thing (in my eyes) that took 127 film. In a Cub Scout meeting we developed a film (under way less than ideal conditions) and that proved fascinating. When I was perhaps 9 or 10 (circa 1950) I was given a Brownie Target Six-20 (which I still have and still works) probably to bribe me away from the folding Kodak. By 1957 or so, as a junior in high school, I managed to amass enough funding to acquire an Argus C3 and was able to do some processing in a darkroom belonging to a friend's father "and the rest is history."

I still have the C3, but have done a CLA and rangefinder recalibration in recent times. In fact. I believe I still have all the cameras I've ever owned, one, the Konica FP, has a stuffed shutter, unfortunately.