I suppose we can assume there will be a US distributor? I was more or less assuming that when I said I'd take it - I will if I can.

As far as the MGCT paper, I'd love to try that, it sounds like it would fit some of my images well, but I prefer to make display prints on FB. Any chance of a FB version? Barring that (I don't care that much if it looks right) in 16x20 sizes? I haven't tried it so far because I can get it in 16x20 so I'd have to change papers anyway for my largest size. I've standardized on papers I can get in all the sizes I print.

Oh and +whatever number we are up to now on the kudos for Simon's communication here and Ilford's responsiveness. Say what you like about using the materials you prefer, I lean toward Ilford any time there's a toss up, even if the price is higher. Ilford is clearly serious about their commitment to analog photography and black and white. I like to reward that with some loyalty of my own. (Ok, I still like Tri-X and T-Max developers, but I'll give DD-X a try...)