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Keith, how do you meter those exposures, or have you gotten to a point through trial & error where you just know where it needs to be?

I had the idea of taking an incident reading at the baseboard using the ISO of the panchro film, and using the exposure time at f/1.0.

I intend to do just what you've described in the future and any way to minimize film wasting would be good (for me at least... )
Not sure why you'd pick f/1, but otherwise it sounds good. As I just mentioned, my own approach is just quick trial and error. Your approach will be better, once you work out the details. I had the idea just to take a camera in the darkroom, project the slide on a standard surface (grey?) and meter accordingly. But in practice I find that I waste very little film in doing a few tests and it's a good safety check for developer and fixer too.

This is really easy, and it gives a lot of new possibilities. I won't name them all now but let's just say that you can be very creative with enlarger and your wet processing.

Note that if you don't use a pan film then good tonality will be hard to nail down. For some images it's okay, for others... blah. I have been using tmax.