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I am looking for suggestions for a roller transport processor for my home darkroom. I would like one that does up to 16x20 and can switch between RA-4 and Ilfochrome fairly easily. Obviously the more reliable and easier to use the better. I don't think I need a wash or a drying module, but it would be nice. Also, one that holds a smaller amount of chemicals is better for me because I don't print a lot at one time.

Any suggestions?
Sounds like a roller transport processor is NOT for you. They are for handling a lot of prints at one time and are ill-suited to leaving set-up with chemicals. I suspect that you'd be better off with a Nova type processor. Unless you do a lot of 16x20" prints I'd stick to the 30x40cm model and use a drum or something else for the 40x50cm prints.

If its gotta be a roller transport then in 30x40cm the Durst Printo machines are nice.
If you are set on a roller transport that can handle 40x50cm then you probably should look at the Thermophot models.