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Brian...I'm not seeking the blue tone you were, just a neutral image color (that might give a hint of purple in selenium)...
Time for an update.

I read all the responses posted here and considered additional information Brian kindly shared via PM. At this stage, mixing raw chemicals isn't attractive, given my (lack of) facilities and time, so I decided to go with Moersch SE6 developer. While Brian used it at 1+10 and liked the blue results, I wanted to start with dead-neutral tones on MGWT FB, so diluted the concentrate further to 1+15, developing for 3 minutes. This was a complete success. After a full hour wash, prints dried without a hint of warm or cold color. Although expensive in the US, diluting 100 ml of SE6 with 1,500 ml of water means one bottle provides 10 8x10-tray-sessions-worth of developer, bringing cost per session into a reasonable range. Also, not by design, life interrupted my testing, so I loosely laid a sheet of plastic cling wrap over the developer tray. More than two days later, when printing could resume, simply removing the plastic sheet and picking up where I left off gave identical results. Cost is further mitigated by excellent tray life.

I made a number of identical prints to test toning. Following Evan's and Ilford's instructions, I toned them at 68 degrees F in Ilford/HARMAN selenium toner diluted 1+9, after a water presoak at 75 degrees F. The 2 minute 15 second toning time resulted in exactly what I was looking for.

I enthusiastically recommend Moersch SE6 developer for use with MGWT FB paper. Toned appropriately, prints from this combination are exquisite, with a surface gloss unmatched by MGIV FB. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this process of discovery.