Jumping the gun a bit here, but...

I can imagine from the Harman Board's point of view that expressions of interest are useful but, as detailed in a previous thread, Ilford were left with unsold stock before. Good intentions wither in the breeze, cold cash may speak volumes.

Once the price is worked out, what is the possibility of running a pre-order system? An order form could be available on the website with payments made up front. These orders could get priority after any production run and be refundable if production is deemed to be non-viable. I reckon that a manufacturer would love to know that say 15% of the production run is presold before puashing the button!

It may not be much but real money in the bank helps persuade manufacturers to produce, otherwise it is a speculative venture with a *chequered* history.

Depending upon the amount of interest, this may well be a nightmare to administer or an easy way to gauge the ratio of interest to real orders.

Any thoughts welcomed,