The last batch of Classic (Forte) Polywarmtone FB is quire different. Very much warmer brown almost needs no selenium toning, in fact selenium works an awful lot faster with it. You can see a significant shift in 30 seconds, compared to 2 minutes + with the older batches.

But this is very fresh paper from the last coating run and may settle a litte as it ages.

I should add I used both old (pre August 04) and March 05 coated paper in the same session with exactly the same dev & fix.

Someone else mentioned the latest Berrger (Forte) Polywarmtone FB papers sticking during drying or flattening and I can confirm that this is more of a problem with the fresh batch.

It would be interesting to hear comments from others.


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I'll be very sad if Forte Polywarmtone Fiber disappears