Hello ladies and gents, I hope someone can help with this...

I have two OM10 bodies. One is pristine and another was bundled with it for parts.

Since buying a flash I have discovered that the newer, prettier body will not activate the flash while the other one will.

The problem with the 'for parts' body is the light meter and I *think* it would be easier to repair a flash shoe than a light meter. I would therefore like to get the flash shoe on the better looking body working using parts from the other body.

A bit of research threw up the OM10 service manual online, but this does not seem to contain much on this issue. And Ebay item number 290554491862 shows me that at least some people out there have come across issues with the contacts/connections to the flash.

Can anyone advise what I should check to find the root of the problem, or any other advice? Thanks