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It is quite interesting to watch a seven year old boy dig into blue mussels and kalamata olives with enthusiasm.
I'm willing to bet my camera trigger finger that this behavior too, same as Suzanne suggests, is due to being involved, being allowed to make decisions, and participating. He loves being part of the process, to be listened to, and to reap the benefits of the work that went into creating the meal.
We have three separate portrait lines (two retail and one commercial) that we do out of our studio in Atlanta. I love working with children in the studio; it's safe and comfortable, but it's not their home, so wonderful things happen and they almost never pitch a fit. If they are fussy, we give them some time to play with the toys and get comfortable, and they usually end up having a great time.

Apart from the logistics (not to mention increased time and expense) of having to travel to see every client, we love the "controlled chaos" you can create in the studio. Makes for amazing portraits. Stuffiness nowhere to be found!

Thomas has it right, you have to make the kids a part of the process. We always let them fire the strobes, look at the back of the camera (oops, did I say that out loud?), throw stuffed animals around. We do anything to break through and create compelling portraiture. The experience the children directly influences how much the parents invest in and ultimately treasure what we create.

We also have three boys who have learned daddy's (me) love of cooking. Last weekend, we made Pad Thai, Beef Satay and Tom Yum soup and they gobbled it up!