Thank you all very much, I gave up beating my wife about three seconds after I managed to open my eyes and catch my breath, I was still doubled up for an hour though.

I asked - still, because I wanted all those with an opinion to be people that grew up with film rather than discovered it after digital.

I gave up developing about 30 yrs ago, and only took it up again when i started on this degree course.

It is so much more satisfying than Digital, which incidentally I have been using of a sort since 1983 ( I work in TV ) Ampex invented the digital timebase corrector in 1975 for video, so the idea of a stills digital stills camera was a long time coming. three CCD cameras for video were around in broadcasting a long time. Their resolution was however limited to 711 x 625 lines and that was 312.5 interlaced at 50Hz. (NTSC was 525)

The move to single tube CCD heralded in the Digital stills camera with the Sony M3. Before that registering three CCD's and needing a Dichromatic block to split the light made them too insensitive to light and they would have needed new Lenses a more parallel light source to the CCD than 35mm film and the allaying would have been terrible.

Thank you all again