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Can I play? Sounds like fun.
Sure Rich, come on in the water's fine!

Here's the list so far, this time broken up by geographic location:
1. gbroadbridge ----- Sydney, Australia (unverified)

2. janvanhove ------- Brussels, Belgium (unverified)

3. rst ------------- Germany

4. Ole ------------- Bergen, Norway

5. Bob F. ----------- West London, UK
6. TPPhotog -------- South Devon, UK

7. MattCarey -------- San Jose, California
8. Rich Long -------- Colorado Springs, Colorado
9. ggriffi ---------- Indiana
10. Suzanne Revy ---- Massachusetts
11. bobfowler -------- New Jersey
12. sensanjay ------- New Jersey
13. david b ---------- New Mexico
14. jnanian ---------- Rhode Island
15. nsmith01tx ------ Austin, Texas
16. MenacingTourist -- Utah[/FONT]

I have now emailed as well as PM'd gbroadbridge and janvanhove to make sure they're still interested as they'd replied to round 1, but so far not to this one.

Since we've had a few more join the list I'll hold off a bit longer before getting things underway. I did buy a 24-exp roll of FP4+ today.

BTW, lest anyone think that I was showing of my (nonexistent) command of the French language in the title, it was actually an appropriately stupid reference to the movie "Hot Shots, Part Deux" where it was basically a pun since it came out "Part Duh". Given the fine camera we're using it seemed like an apt description for round 2