See, I disagree with this logic. While it might be perceived that the "good ole days" were all spanks and no nonsense, there were also an entire generation of kids with freedom and the chance to self govern that the kids of this generation simply don't have. I have a wide age range of kids (oldest is 19 and youngest is 3) and have been doing some extensive reading as to why the generation y (teens to 20 something's) act the way they do. The entitlement they feel and the attitude of not working hard for something because somebody somewhere surely owes it to me anyway - makes me think there is a huge problem. These kids grew up with more government regulations on parenting (no spanking, kids cannot be left alone, etc ...) and with child predators running rampant and crime levels escalating, parents have to eagle eye their kids. Instant gratification, cell phones and the Internet have ruined these kids. Bad things lurk around every cyber corner and sexting is rampant. No wonder parents have to be CONSTANTLY involved with everything their kids do ... Resulting in kids EXPECTING everything to be done for them.

So - I really don't think it's a LACK of discipline, but rather this generation has not had the benefit of living a SIMPLE, independent life like we did as kids. No walking around the neighborhood barefoot after dark, playing with buddies...

I saw this coming and decided to move to a TINY town with virtually no crime and a big church community (which we didn't have in the city). We are now comfortable giving our boys a bit more freedom than we could before, and have something to offer them OTHER than tv, Internet or cell phones. It's called OUTSIDE - and they love it.

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