i've used harman's paper in the past with natural/continuous light with good results. recently, i had an idea to do something more experimental with it and attempt to shoot a model in motion. the idea was to shoot 4 different exposures with the model in a different pose each time. each exposure would be on the same piece of paper and each time the shutter release is pressed, two alien bee 800 studio flashes will fire. i thought this might be enough to create a nice multi-exposure image.

however, when i tried this over the weekend, after i developed the sheets, the result was just a completely white sheet. no image at all. thinking about this as a positive paper, it almost seems like it is over exposed. however, you don't even see the black border from the film frame. this makes me think that perhaps it didn't get anything near the exposure it needs to make an image.

the first test shot we made, i did at f/8 with a 150mm lens on my 4x5 camera. going with the theory that it was over exposed, i tried again at f/16 and f/22. same results - full 4x5 sheet of white after development. each sheet was flashed for about 1.5 seconds under my enlarger.

has anyone tried this before with any kind of luck? i thought i would ask before continuing to use up additional sheets.