Do you still use Film?
• I have been using it, in the absence of anything else, since it was hip. A long, long, time.
Do you Develop your own?
• Not now, but I did in the 1990s
What are the advantages/disadvantages of Digital and Film?
• Film: permanence of image; colour spectrum and surety of storage
• Digital: immediacy, simple mass-redistribution, correction, fits the task for web-based sharing, ideal for representative images to give to clients of work produced for their consideration
Can you, do you use both?
• Yes, but only film is used for fine art print production. Digital is for FleaBay, snaps and the like
Do you use Film then scan the negs before printing?
• Yes. Images scanned for print production on an Epson V700
Do you think that film offers more chance of producing art by mistake / happy accident?
• That depends on how refined one's skills are. I usually have a set plan that I carry through, but sometimes it doesn't always work, and the results may occasionally be better than originally anticipated, but not often!
Have you any other thoughts as to why film feels different/worse/better/more precise / clumsier?
• Film is not clumsier! It is certainly not worse than digital. The image formation is much more precise and the end product proven archival– many more times so than a mathematical algorithm that must be repeatedly copied to new media to ensure its survival.