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Where exactly is the hotshoe to go on cube where:
1. the front has the lens
2. the top has the finder
3. the back has the...back
4. the right side has the crank
5. the left side is where your left arm is
6. the bottom is where your hand is to hold it

I agree, it wouldn't fit on the current design. But that doesn't mean a shoe is a bad idea, it means the design is wrong

Although, to be fair to hasselblad, I'm not sure I'd want to have a flash hanging cantilevered off the side like a 6008, but it'd be great for my radio trigger. I'm just venting in frustration is all. Coldshoes are just so useful to have when you need one. (and yes, I realise the V series was invented way before radio triggers were). And my hasselblad is far too beautiful to deface by gluing a coldshoe on the side