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"I've been googling around to try and find Mamiya shots at f/4 but it's really hard to tell if you are looking at the real thing. I suspect that the Hassey will satisfy me more in this regard but this could be the marketing devil on my shoulder."
Though I'll grant that the micro-contrast, 3d look, etc. are smooth butter happiness with my Hasselblad, I think the Mamiyas - though not wonderful - get somewhat of a bad rap on the background rendering. I was just looking at several rolls of the 50 & 80mm shot wide open, and was pleasantly surprised that the background oof areas were actually pretty nice. Now, there was a bit of distance between primary subject and non-busy background, so both those factors help...but we're not talking Etch-a-Sketch bokeh here; though meant for super sharpness, the soft parts aren't bad either.