Ah the lessons...
Why your 1.5V battery doesn't work in this OM1 meter circuit
How a diode can remedy the situation
The technology advances of voltage regulators
Wheatstone bridges... did you know that is what this is called?
A darlington circuit?... ever hear of that?
An actual circuit diagram of the OM1 meter
The factory calibration manual for the OM1 meter
Learn anything about resistors n how they effect a meter circuit?
Explored all the possible ways we can repair this meter?

AND yes, last n foremost advice of the year... cost-benefit ratio

But nothing here was a waste, otherwise you can say APUG in general is a waste; since most of all we spend lots n lots of time looking into the technology of photography... in all it;s boring detailed depth complete with checmial formulai n equations.. which is generally not very fashionable anymore in today's ADDH world of duming everything down to mind numbing over simplification. Perhaps if this were offered in sound bites of 15 seconds or less it might be more enticing? I doubt it.

Just my 2, so if you'd like a refund, present your receipt at the front desk.

So come on, sit back n have some fun? I'll bet the OP used a hearing aid battery anyway, everything we discussed is not for the average user but more for postarity n future reference.

This is for you my grandchildren that find my old junker cameras in a big box in the garage when I'm gone. At least they'll know how to reapir the meter in my OM1.