Decades ago, before I had kids of my own, I had strong opinions about parenting. Then I had 3. My personal parenting style evolved into attachment parenting for babies/toddlers, and an emphasis on respect - in both directions parent-child, and child-parent, as my kids grew.
I've worked as a midwife for 30 years - which has given me a unique window into the workings of many families.
What I've learned over the years is that every child and every parent is unique. The things that worked great for my oldest child and I, did not work for my 2nd (or my 3rd). There's no way I'd presume to dictate to another parent. It's the toughest job there is, and one has to be constantly re-assessing and changing tacks. Everyone makes mistakes as a parent, and an awful lot of people are waiting to pass judgment. Especially complete strangers who've never had kids.

The negatives look great. I'll post some when I get a chance.

Really love that sweet portrait, Brian.