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Stopper? I've heard it called Stop, Stop Bath, Short Stop, but never "stopper" before - first time for everything!

He's going to be puzzled when he encounters digital. My fiance's nieces are bewildered that I shoot photos of them and can't show them right away.
Yes, its the only one without an "er" at the end, so I guess he added that on.

He actually went digital last week when he got a digital "Leap Pad" as a gift. He takes many pictures with it, but I don't think he considers it the same "Photography" he does with his film cameras. He has a bag of 35mm and 110 plastic cameras he plays with, occasionally I'll load them with film to see what develops (sorry for the bad pun). I think in his mind holding a camera up to the eye and 'clicking' vs holding that 'Pad' out at arms length are two totally different activities.