Thanks for the information, Mongo. I knew that it was supposed to come out in the spring, but I hadn't kept up with it. I agree that I'd wait for them to get the bugs out before buying. I thought that I'd start looking for users' experiences when it hit the stores. It's always good to wait to see how the price stabilizes too - although the cheapest price for the R3A was when it first came out.

I didn't know that it was based on the Bessa series. I had read that it was a new design & that the dimensions are different from the Bessa. Interesting . . .

The price is high, but I like the 28 mm focal length. That means an auxiliary viewfinder on a Bessa, bringing the USA price for a Bessa combination up to $700. And you still have the inconvenience of focusing & composing with 2 separate viewfinders. ZI includes 28 mm frame lines in the viewfinder. And then there's that base line - twice as long as a Bessa, as I recall. When I read about it, what stuck with me was the ability to focus wide angle lenses at distances of less than 20 inches - a closer minimum focus distance than even a Leica by about 8 inches, or something like that.

I have an R2 & have been frustrated with the fact that it doesn't focus closer than about 3 feet. I noticed that they had improved that feature on the Rollei version, but it was just too expensive for an upgraded R2. I was interested in the R3A, but when I read about the ZI at the same time, I thought I'd wait to see if it was worth the extra dollars for the combination of extra features.

Again, thanks for the update. I'll watch for it next month.