I noticed that Leicas can use Non-perforated film. You can bulk-load your films and punch a little hole right at the tip of the film on each canister, this way your Leica can grab the start of the film and move it all the way through.

If you shoot and develop and print your own B&W film, you're good to use non-perforated films in your Leicas.

Now my question: The labs that develop and scan 35mm film (Dwayne's comes to mind), do they absolutely need the film to be perforated? Is it a necessity for it to be transported through the C-41 machine and scanned?

I am posting this in hopes to make you guys save some good money on films. Especially non-perforated Portra bulk films on Ebay that can be had for as low as 25$ the 100ft Roll! And there's plenty! You can also buy some AGFA APX100 non-perforated Bulk Rolls.

Food for thought.