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You are wrong on so many, many levels.

1. The distribution of digital movies is NOT with harddrives. The movies are transmitted from the distribution location to the theatre's harddrive via the internet and/or satllelites. You are blinded by your religious bias toward film, and so much that you actually tell little fibs to bulster your argument. Your comments kill your integrity.

2. The "error rate" of digial files is nearly non-existent. The copy function uses check-sum logic to insure that the original and the copy match 100%.

Stick to topics you actually know something about.
The company I worked for in Australia, when we did digital distribution, we used harddrives. And we weren't the only ones, a lot of the other companies the movie theatre's dealt with also supplied harddrives, as all of the theatres aren't able to download the files.

Granted, we are a smaller market than the US.

The second comment is true. The error rate is incredibly low for that exact reason. The errors we came across where introduced when digitizing the file the first time more so than afterwards.