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So I'm down to either getting a Hasselblad 500cm and a Mamiya 7. Both with their respective 80mm lens.
I do quite a bit of lowlight photography so my question is.. Will the extra stop make a HUGE load of difference between these two?

My rationale is based on the fact that the mamiya is a range finder and "therefore should suffers less" with camera shake when firing the shutter.. (Does it? I know theres some technique involved but once you get the hang of it....) Would I be able to gain back that extra stop simply in the fact that I can hand hold it at lower speeds? How does the mamiya's viewfinder fare in low light? The 6x7 format is appealing but not a real dealmaker.

As for the Hasselblad.. How low can you go (shutter speed) and get printable results on 8x10ish paper?

I'm also about to endeavor into the world of flash photography.. The Mamiya's hot shoe is a big plus in that respect. How limiting are my options on the Hasselblad for flash? I don't even understand where a flash goes on the 500cm!?
Any help on that department would also be very welcome!
Thanks alot!
iworked with both and would pick the mamiya anytime due totheir comprtitionless optics