Well that would be Jerry's you're talking about! Jerry's Camera & Bicycle, that is (1445 S. Broadway; 303-388-6611). I have been there a number of times. All the descriptions above about the jumble and clutter are spot on. It's one of those fascinating little shops where a certain type of person might feel rather uncomfortable due to the disarray, while others (myself included) will find their treasure-hunting spirit lifted to glorious heights! If you visit, take your time and look around slowly because you never know what you will find hiding innocently in some barely accessible corner, or resting at the bottom of a box of seemingly random items. Now having said all that, understand that my interests center on older and sometimes rather primitive medium format cameras (especially from the '40's - '60's), so my standards for "treasure" may be a little lower than yours!

As for service, I originally looked into Jerry's regarding repair of my Kodak Medalist II, figuring I would take a chance and give "the local guy" my business. I have to say he was easy enough to talk to, and was communicative via phone conversations as I continued to check up on the status over a period of a several months. He apparently was waiting to get hold of a spare part that was required, but that never seemed to materialize. Eventually, I decided I didn't want to wait any longer and asked for the camera back. To his credit, he was gracious about that and I retrieved the camera without question or any type of hassle whatsoever. I admit that I too wondered if he might lose the camera or not be able to get it back together again, but no such disaster occurred. In the end I sent it to a well known repair person often recommended on these forums... but that is the subject of another report (one I will give, if and when I ever get the camera back! )

Incidentally, I should point out the antique store which is across the street from Jerry's - The Broadway Antique Broker. It doesn't look like a place where you would find any cameras, since the first floor is almost all furniture (especially large items, as I recall). But if you make your way upstairs you will find a room filled with interesting gadgets, appliances, toys, oddities, and in particular, one interesting looking glass case filled entirely with old cameras, flashes, and photo gear. This upstairs area is guarded by a somewhat frail looking older gentleman (on oxygen, as I recall). In general, he is helpful enough. But what drives me nuts is that the cameras in that glass case are layered 2-3 deep and it is hard to tell exactly what might be buried there at the bottom of the pile! Frustratingly, he won't let you walk around to the other side to get a better view, or in any way rummage through the layers so you can see what is actually there. Now if you can point to it, he will get it out for you and let you handle it; but I really wish I could do some scrounging on my own to find out what is there. Oh well, it's probably just junk anyway.