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I used to test TMY regularly, and I didnít really find surprise, but someone gave me a few rolls of 400TMY (refrigerated) but I didnít want to use inherited material for anything critical, and so I used it to test my newly repaired camera.

I found this particular roll of 400TMY to be extremely grainy, like Kodak Recording film (if you remember what it is). It is grainier than Delta 3200 developed in the same developer.

I didnít overdevelop, and the negativeís density is about right. When I tested TMY before, it was always very fine grained.

So, Iím wondering if others observed erratic rolls of 400TMY before.

Now, another question is whether anyone observed any erratic roll of 400TMY-2.

Are you absolutely sure that the film was stored as well as the person who gave it to you claimed it was?

I found TMY2 to be an excellent film for studio portraits on medium-format, but I still prefer HP5 Plus for general outdoor photography. Both films perform perfectly well enough for me in D-76 1+1.