I don't quite see how this would work (I'm not saying that it wouldn't, just that I don't see how!)
Surely the unperforated film would just sit on top of the film sprocket's teeth. To roll the film tightly on the takeup spool, it normally rotates a little faster than the rate the film advances when driven by the sprocket, but has a slipping clutch (the friction between the removable takeup spool and its spindle, in the early Leicas). If using unperfed film the takeup spool would then be dragging the film over the teeth of the sprocket, with the likelihood of carving off small bits of emulsion and base material and cheerfully sending them into the works? Additionally, (forgetting that) if the film advance is determined by the takeup spool, as more film is wound on, its diameter will increase and the gaps between frames will get steadily greater through the roll. Perhaps not an issue if the non-perfed film is cheap enough!

At that point I'll stand back and prepare to be corrected!

Best wishes,