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One thing I noticed is that the foil bag was pierced so that air could get inside. But the film wasn’t fogged or anything. Maybe the film deteriorated due to air even at 2 degrees centigrade over at most 8 years period?

I also processed Delta 400 that was sitting in a camera for 6 years. It had poor shadow details and very grainy look, but it wasn’t as bad as this freshly exposed 400TMY.

Why do you prefer HP5 Plus over 400TMY-2 for outdoor shoots?
I would throw the 400TMY away and buy some fresh TMY2. I like TMY2 very much, but I just prefer the 'look' of HP5 Plus more despite it being a traditional technology film.

Others swear by Tri-X, Neopan 400 or Delta 400 etc.

To be honest, TMY2 could easily replace both FP4 Plus & HP5 Plus, so no need for me to stock those two films.