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what will this say for Kodaks business the next few months? Will all productiin stop or will it be business as usual while the economy guys to their work? The question is stock up today or is it okay to wait.
The point of Bankruptcy protection is to prevent "the plug being pulled" on a company's activities while a plan is made to realise, in the best way, the remaining value of the company, for the eventual benefit (or minimised loss) to creditors, shareholders, employees and everyone financially involved.

This plan could include the sale of assets, the sale of all or part of the company's businesses, continuation of all or parts of the business on a different scale and numerousd other considerations which may only become apparent after many months.

My guess (from working on insolvency matters a long time ago!)
is that there will be no immediate cessation of film making (or any other activities) until plans have progessed. The financial managers or administrators would not be doing their duty if they slashed the film making plants before their future potential value (if any) had been properly evaluated.