Now THAT is a child portrait! WOW. I think you have something special there.

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So true, which makes it nice to have people come up to me at restraunts, social gatherings, etc and tell me how nice my boys are. It is always a bit of a surprise since they are just behaving as I would expect them to. If one treats one's kids with respect, I think they will approach others the same way. If one talks down to one's kids, then they are likely to talk down to people whom they might consider "beneath" them. And they watch their parents react very closely. Disiplining one's kids does nothing if the parents also do not provide the example of proper behaviour...otherwise it just teaches the kids to be more sneaky.

My three boys (triplets) are very different from each other, too -- as you said, Sly, one "size" does not fit all!

My boys at about 5 yrs old or so.
8x10 Platinum/palladium print
probably about a 30 second exposure