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Sorry, I forgot the venerable Technical Pan. Give it a good old 17% with the Plus-X. And Bain from Ottawa, don't be so quick to come to conclusions. Remember, Panatomix-X and Pan F+ are the same speed but require DIFFERENT fix times. Delta 3200 fixers lots faster than T Max 3200. It usually is the case that the slower the film the quicker the fix, but not always. That Recording 2475 Film is a disaster to fix. But the ImageLink Mircofilm (and its cousins) are indeed worthy of only 1/20th as much fix as the Recording film.

And, of course, folks, frequent agitation; and my 'ambient' is 80 F, not 72 F. - David Lyga
I remember that Panatomic X was rated at ISO 32 whereas Pan F was rated at ISO 50, a 2/3 stop difference in sensitivity. I stand by my observation as a generally useful principle.