Seems like a vote has been taken and Mamiya has won (despite my expectations!)!! Both systems seem quite wonderful and so I'm not completely sold on either.. I was inclined on getting the Hasselblad but now I believe my doubts will only be fully squashed once I get them both in my hands for a test-drive. Rollei seems like a good bet but like I said.. I'm looking forward to expanding this to more than the 80mm in the future. The Mamiya TLRs are nice but I've held one before and it seems a little clunky for my taste. The lens switch-a-roo isn't as straight forward.. I tend to switch lenses on the fly with my Nikon FM2n and I was looking for something that would work similarly.

If only a Mamiya had a child with a Hasselblad.. I'd get a SLR with no mirror slap that had a critical lens with buttery background, that thats was silent, had a hotshoe, both 6x7 and 6x6 formats, 2.8 lens...
But, as it seems we can't have it all..

Thanks ALOT for all your input! Even though I'm less decided on which one to purchase.. I'm closer to getting something that will fill the bill!!