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I agree, it wouldn't fit on the current design. But that doesn't mean a shoe is a bad idea, it means the design is wrong

Although, to be fair to hasselblad, I'm not sure I'd want to have a flash hanging cantilevered off the side like a 6008, but it'd be great for my radio trigger. I'm just venting in frustration is all. Coldshoes are just so useful to have when you need one. (and yes, I realise the V series was invented way before radio triggers were). And my hasselblad is far too beautiful to deface by gluing a coldshoe on the side
I have a flip-flash bracket for my Nikons, that works well with the Hasselblad, not that I need the flip part, and it puts the flash high above the lens. This easily eliminates red eye and throws shadows low, back and behind the subjects. The Hasselblad has a 45 degree PME [prism].