Sorry about that. I was advised by Afterimage Gallery (Tice's main dealer). Here is the text from the email (hopefully I'm not infringing on any copyright stuff but if so, moderators please feel free to step in.

"George Tice is about to publish an incredible collector's book that's worthy of serious consideration. It's title is American Beauty, and it consists of 24 bound 8 x 10 inch platinum/palladium prints on Japanese gambi paper. The book is slipcased and measures 16 x 14 inches. Many of his classic images are included such as Petit's Mobil Station, From the Chrysler Building, Oak Tree, Strand Theater, Car for Sale and others. The book is in an edition of 75 and sells for $16,000 which will increase as the edition sells down. If the prints were sold individually at his current prices, the total for 24 8 x 10 platinums would be around $70,000!

Attached is an overall view of the book. The cover reveals parts of the photograph Graffiti, Hinchliffe Stadium, April 2005, also attached. It's a wonderful design and is being produced in Belgium. The gambi paper is sometimes called "the king of papers." This paper was even favored by Rembrandt for his etchings. It gives these prints a luscious sheen, usually not seen in platinum printing. Tice's paper is hand made by a master craftsman. Thus we have a unique collection of well known imagery by an internationally known photographer, presented in a gorgeous package and having an investment quality price. Production will start in early February."