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Given the recent news about Kodak's Chapter 11 filing, it is hard not to consider alternatives to Portra for the future. Does anyone know of anything that could act as a substitute? Fuji Reala, I guess?

I have talk to some who believe that Portra will survive in some form, whether it be Kodak continuing to make it or another firm producing down the road. There has been a good bit of R&D dollars spent on Portra, it would be a shame to just chuck it in the trash.

Don't assume that same fall in demand for Kodak film is not also happening to Fuji. This is not a case of Kodak customers leaving the brand and stalling sales. This is about a worldwide collapse of demand for film at industrial scale production. At some point, although not through bankruptcy, Fuji will have to deal with its productive capacity and film's loss of revenues.

If Portra is that good, and it can form the basis of some private venture firm incorporates the product line as an alternative medium to digital, likely with motion picture film forming the basis of supply.