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I saw about her elsewhere and just got the recent book. Interesting. . . I have a pile of my own pix from about the same time (my own surreal blurry self-images in dilapidated rooms are from 1972, I think) that are similar, even to being shot on 6x6. I think that was not unusual, and a definite trend in the early 70s. What influenced me at the time was Duane Michaels. Get a bit down the page on this link, and you see a lot of stuff that's similar, but almost certainly predates Woodman's, (and mine of course--I'm only claiming to be one of many nobodies following the same trend): http://zoonzum.blogspot.com/2010/01/...oes-duane.html
Thanks, Duane is also new to me and I like what I've googled so far. I can definitely see where he probably influenced Francesca, but
she shines in her own right.