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I guess it is possible. I did not perform the tests with a high pH developer like Rodinal. But what you're referring to now seems like a different supposed effect than what we had discussed back in the old thread, which had to do with whether there is such a thing as temperature-induced "grain clumping/migration" with modern films.
It's exactly what I was discussing in that thread.

The big mistake is that when people describe prints with excessive grain some talk of grain clumping. Kodak talk about the grain size in films and the graininess in prints.

What a films grain looks like under a microscope can be measured and is quite different from the graininess of a print which is also affected by any surface artefacts of the emulsion.

The thread was taken off path by misunderstanding. Micro reticulation is the surface reticulation of a film or paper. With an RC paper it causes a dull sheen and you can easily induce it with temperature changes, steaming reverses the effect, it can happen with colour & B&W papers, RC or FB. Temperature of drying can play a part as well.