I guess you might call me an old school strobist with a rolling pack/dolly. Four battery powered strobes, pack and head or potato mashers made between late 60's and late 80's are my main 'out of the home studio' battery powered flash options. I power them all with a varied collection of gel cels lead acid batteries. If the weather is really cold they may take a while to recycle.

I have a Honeywell Strobonar I might have alive as well; it is currently just starting a potential rehab on my work bench. I could not resist; I bought it at an estate auction for $1, complete with a good pc to pc coiled cord. I could not resist at that price, even if it reamins dead. It is such a cool looking thing, and the earliest North Ameriican mass marketted portable flash.

-Norman 200B; 50/100/200w/s, fires into a 24x36 soft box well with good apertures for MF work. With my 30 x40 soft box the light output gets bit weak, unless you are shooting 35mm with a fast lens. Ability to do bare bulb, which is neat if you are indoors.
-Braun Hobby 300EF, GN60, iso 100 in m , full or half intensity; fires ok into a softbox; needs a stand to work well with soft box.
-Metz 60CT1, GN60 iso 10 in m and Mecamat to be able to dial it back to lesser output. OK in 24x36 softbox.
-Sunpak 522 - really only direct flash, but it dials back ok.

Cactus wireless receivers and two triggers. One for the real camera, and one for the 'digital polaroid' is how I usually use them.

The only one I optically synch is the Braun; it has up to 530V trigger voltage, which so far only a Wein slave has stood up to for more than a few uses.

So it looks like if we could line up a space perhaps we could light different sets and have the model(s) if such a scheme comes together rotate between the different sets, and also have the shooters rotate amonge the different sets.

I have done camera club situations where 'lets all shoot one model simultantously' has been the set up.
Even with available light shooting conditions (which I am by no means dismissing) I am no fan of such a situation.
There is no ability to commiunicate effectively with the model in such a setting.
I think it leaves the model feeling like an animal at the zoo.

I am used to working all sorts of communuty theatre spaces; the challenge is that the planned time frame is when most little threatre groups are actively occupying the space.

Anybody know of a library or community centre with a small room to rent with a reasonable ceiling height?

I have a call in to a beautiful facility my kids take art classes at, at Visual Arts Misissauga out in Missisuaga.
Wonderful studio spaces, with floor to ceiling north facing windows along one whole wall.
Now it is a question (of if we qualify as visual artists, I guess), their rates, and space availability.

It is at a nice big wilderness park on the Credit Riiver at Burnhamthorpe called Riverwood.
So the possibility of a wander on th trails before or after our studio booking is a possibility. Good, free parking.
A couple of nice old buildings, from when the area was a series of country estates before becoming a park as well.

Thats my plug for an idea. I am most open to others.

I am not dissing downtown UofT. Nice buildinss. The dates we are talking can be pretty unforgiving, though, and I while it is nice to cross pass with others, I don't want to drive to the site, find it too cold/wet/windy, and sit and chew about gear all afternoon.