The downside of us all hoarding color film is that it will temporarily depress the demand for startup
of new production. Any potential investment group will probably get a skewed perspective on the
long-term demand, as will Fuji. Analogously, when Ilford was going down and everyone started stockpiling their film and paper, it was what allegedly tipped Forte out of business, due to short-term
lack of demand. But what choice do we have? For one thing, if there is some degree of continued
availability, keep buying it and rotate your freezer inventory. Otherwise, we might not only lose color
neg film but even the ability to process it. It takes a fair amt of volue to keep those C41 lines in
commercial operation, and even home kits are probably dependent upon larger volumes of certain
chemicals staying viable. Ironic, however, that just as soon C41 films have hit their peak of quality,
the plug might get pulled.