Just to be clear I wasn't complaining about ektar (or my scanner). It is trickier to scan insofar as it doesn't "neutralize" to a realistic palette as readily as portra, for example. Shadows in real life are indeed blue on a clear day, but I don't see them AS BLUE As readily as does ektar!

I'm not sure how the scanning technique would affect saturation, mine is profiled and gives me 12 bits and from there I edit in prophoto color space at 16 bits. I think it has more to do with how steep I make the curves in PS! ;-) I'll stop before someone tells me to take it to dpug…

Also, obviously, I've compressed the highlights a bit to make certain details render for digital viewing. Printing, I would let them go a bit more. This photo reads a bit muddy to me but it's just not worth spending more time on.

I will in fact be experimenting with chromes more soon, so we'll see how that goes. I was in fact indoctrinated into the world of low contrast "muddy" palletes by my my prof, Joel Sternfeld. I still love portra, forever.