The Zeiss is not a clone of the Bessa R-series; the top of the camera (including the rangefinder) is definately a new design. It's a much better design, at least on paper, than the Bessa R3 and Rollei cameras. The main body of the camera, though, is very similar to the R3 cameras. And the body is being built by Cosina.

If you have an R2, then you are familiar with the build quality of the Cosina-made rangefinders. They're not junk, but they're also not in the $1000+ league. I thought the price of the R3 was high for a Cosina camera; the Zeiss goes far beyond that point. (B&H is listing the Zeiss body for US$1617.)

The rangefinder, which was almost certainly designed by Zeiss, is bound to be a major improvement over the Bessa series. That design alone might make this camera worth it for you. But for me, I just can't see it. Had the Zeiss camera come in at an incremental price increase over the R3, say $800, it would be a much more interesting camera to me. But at $1617, the camera seems drastically overpriced. Even the Contax G2 cost significantly less than the Zeiss. (I bring up the G2 not because they're similar cameras, but because the G2 is built like a tank and has a lot more costly features included in the body than the Zeiss does...autofocus, automatic film transport, sophisticated flash metering, etc. All in a body that gives you access to Zeiss glass.)

I'll be very interested to hear the feedback from users of the Zeiss camera. It may turn out to be a magnificent camera...but $1600+ for a camera that's coming from Cosina just feels out of line, regardless of the feature set.