I have shown some neighbours kids how to do basic black and white darkroom work, alas only one has set up a darkroom. I gave him an old Soviet briefcase enlarger. A few shoot colour print and prefer to use old SLR's with out all this AF and P mode nonsense, they feel its cleverer and cooler than mobile phone pictures, also they like the feeling of having a skill. When I worked for a large computer retailer I would persuade a lot of people that they would be better off buying a reasonable scanner and to carry on using their film cameras due to the low amount of photographs they took and telling them that film is tried and tested and its keeping properties are well established. I had to speak to a person from head office as to how I sold more scanners then the rest of the region combined as there was a better profit margin on scanners. When people see my mono prints and ask me how it was done I tell them on film in a darkroom and that digital mono is S*** no matter how much is wasted on useless plug ins etc.