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hey everyone. My name is Kevin and i am currently a photography student in Boston. I took a couple classes in high school where I developed film, but have just recently began actually shooting film. I have a question about disposing of photographic chemicals. From what I have read developer and stop bath can be poured down the drain along with water. What about wetting agent? is that also safe to drain? My main question is about fixer. I've heard about the steel wool in a bucket trick and was wondering how effective that is. I have also heard about these silver recovering units. Can anyone give me a lead on a few of these? recommended consumer level models? One of my teachers mentioned that she had one so I will ask her as well. But the ones that I found online had very little information about them. I was wondering how these units work and how much do they cost. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
i folw the spirit of my photographymentors:take nothing but light and leave nothing but foot prints,and therefore, all exhausted chemicals (except for stop, hypo c;ear and sistan)are collectedand brought to yhe local waste disposal center. photographers love andprotect nature!!