In my work I deal with quite a few small businesses and, for many years, they have all used small copiers and printers from the existing big makers. Similarly, those friends and relatives who actually make paper copies of their digital and phone snapshots all have existing printers. Most are happy with these, even if tied in by proprietory cartridges and refills.

I use a 12-year-old Sharp copier (which admittedly will have to retire soon, due to cartridges no longer being produced), a modern Samsung laser copier/printer (could last up to 10 years on present usage) and a top-end Epson color printer for my photography (should last me out on present usage!).

I'd imagine that I'm fairly typical, so I can only wonder how Kodak could hope penetrate this kind of consumer market to any meaningful degree? If their intention is top-end specialist industrial and commercial users, this would not seen a good time, with cuts in investment, price pressures and the need to minimise risk by keeping with existing and known suppliers of equipment?

IDK, just wondering aloud.