House Calls is a project that my good friend Dr Mark Nowaczynski started over 10 years ago. For those of you who do not know Marks project , he is a medical doctor who quit his Eglington Avenue practice here in Toronto and started doing House Calls only for the frail and elderly .
What is unique is Mark has documented this journey with a battery of 4x5 cameras using HP5 and making silver gelatin prints. He has had many public shows of his work, the most notable a 17 month run at the Royal Ontario Museum that came down this past summer.
Mark has shown the issues for some of our seniors, and has worked on not only documenting the problem but is also showing the solution with his photography and lectures on the subject.
He now has a team that is comprised of various health care professionals that are making ground breaking strides in the Canadian Health Care system in dealing with our seniors.

This Saturday January 21st between 9-10 am , CBC Radio 1 (99.1) "The House" hosted by Evan Soloman will be profiling a House Call Story.

As some of you know , Marks photographic project is the largest, and dearest to my heart as a professional printer , I have been involved with every sheet of film, in fact my Uncle Joe was taken care by Mark and is in the NFB award winning documentary. The opening scenes are in my darkroom and my hands make an academy award winning performance if I say so myself.
Rarely will one meet an individual like Mark , if you have the time listen on Saturday, I am sure this is not the last we will hear about his work and photography.
He is like the energizer bunny , he keeps on working.