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My sentiment exactly, how can Agfa be rebuilt and Kodak cut loose its film division?

kodak has stopped advertising most of its traditional film products. with all the distribution and processing channels ( photofinishing ) gone
it is hard for a business that relied on distribution and photofinishing to remain in business.

i don't really see this whole bankruptcy-restructuring being anything more than kodak concentrating on what that had planned to concentrate to begin with ..
the next generation of amateur imagemaking. ( that's not the same as analog photography )

luckily there are a handful of other companies that can easily pick up the slack!

i just find it sad that when given the opportunity to sell master rolls of film to a company that is experienced in cutting, notching, and packaging
specialty sizes for the sheet film crowd who use hard to find sizes like 20x24, 14x17, 7x11 &c, they refuse ...
even thought the film probably would have all be sold to the last scrap... in a few months...