[QUOTE=darcyjohnperkins;1278993]$1500 is more than this camera is worth...Unless it is fully restored and offered with some sort of warranty...

"One recently went on eBay from ADORAMA for $700. That's the only recent sale I can find..."

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I checked out the recent Ebay sale of the Konica Instant Press. From the photos, it appears that this camera had some heavy handed usage. I've been busy, so I havn't yet shot any quick digital photos of my Konica, however, to attempt to 'paint' a word-picture, visualize if you wish my camera being new-like condition, with no trace of the scatches and paint chips, sagging bellows etc., as shown on that Ebay recently sold. My lense, it goes without saying, presents itself as brand new. I am the original owner of this camera....there has never been any need for a 'restoration' job. Just fyi.

When I get some time, I'll be putting this camera on Ebay, starting price will $1,000., give or take a few bucks. Thanks for your response.