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...i don't really see this whole bankruptcy-restructuring being anything more than kodak concentrating on what that had planned to concentrate to begin with ..
the next generation of amateur imagemaking.
The problem is that Kodak is behind the times on this as well. Today, millions of pictures are taken, and very few are printed. Those people that don't have an inkjet photo printer already still think it's "too difficult" to print at home, and they'll go to Walmart anyway and have their pictures printed on Fuji RA-4 paper. There was an article many years ago that explained how printing photographs in general was dying, but all I was able to find was this article from 2005(!) that says that printing at home is on the way out: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/08/te...oto.ready.html

If Kodak thinks that this dying business is going to save them from whatever ills they have, I would prepare the funeral ASAP.